The Orleans NDP Riding Associations is a group of volunteers who share a set of core beliefs:


Inclusive Society:

That Canada should be an Inclusive Society where all residents have the same rights to live, work and learn and develop and express themselves, in a safe and welcoming environment without discrimination or barriers regardless of their nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, profession or chosen occupation.

The Economy:

That the Nation’s economy and its institutions should be established and constantly adapted and reformed, and if necessary restructured, to benefit all residents and future generations of Canadians without undue control or influence of lobbies and special interest groups. The resources of Canada belong to all Canadians. Corporations private or public, which operate in Canada and are subject to Canadian law, should be regulated so as to ensure that their operations are beneficial to the majority of Canadians.

Canadian Institutions:

The institutions of state are an integral part of the fabric of Canada. They were built over generations to serve Canadians; they provide the checks and balances that protect democracy and freedom from the abuses of governments. No political party coming to power should be allowed to dismantle or weaken the institutions that protect and enrich our cultural, environmental, economic, political, judicial and social heritage.

Indigenous People:

We recognize that the land of Canada from which we are all benefiting today, belonged to the Indigenous People and was taken by force through colonization. Indigenous Canadians have been treated brutally by past governments, they have been victims of cultural genocide and they continue to be dispossessed by the establishment. Canadians collectively have an obligation to redress these wrongs and we demand that our government, as a start, recognizes all treaty claims.

The Environment:

It has become obvious that the economic and environmental policies practiced by most governments for generations have damaged the planet and are now endangering the safety and survival of a large proportion of humanity in ways we are only just beginning to understand. The consequences of environmental damage that we are beginning to experience today, will have a devastating effect on future generations. We hold our governments accountable for meeting all our international obligations as well as for implementing all the policies that limit further damage to the environment. Environmental considerations must subordinate all economic benefits whether regional, national or international, private or public, current or future.


In addition to the Indigenous People of Canada and the fist colonial settlers,  the country today is enriched by communities from across the globe. Our unity is founded on shared values; our diversity, ethnic, cultural and linguistic is our strength. We are committed to preserving and disseminating our aboriginal heritage and traditions as well as the language cultures of all communities that are the fabric of this Nation.


We are working to elect representatives who will, strive to implement the policies we stand for.


PHONE: (613) 686-3383



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